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Burning Man Packing Infographic

Ever Wondered what you need to bring for BurningMan? We have it all covered with our packing infographic.

What to Bring to Burning Man

Another year is beginning, which (for the devoted burners) means assembling the gear for another year at Burning Man. Each individual will have a unique packing list depending on what he or she is planning on bringing to share and add to the festival. Following is a list of essential Burning Man supplies, which every …Read More

Foods to Pack for BurningMan

Burning Man is based on the idea of radical self-sufficiency and is a commerce-free event. So it’s not a big surprise that there are only two things sold during the event: coffee and ice. That means you gotta bring EVERYTHING else. Food, water (1.5 gallons per person per day), shelter, any and all things needed …Read More