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Top Tents For BurningMan (Updated 2020)

Here are ten of the best tents for those unpredictable Black Rock City nights: 1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow I took this on my first burn and felt like I was living in luxury. This spacious 6-person tent provides 6 and a half feet of ceiling height, mesh windows, and vents for managing temperature. The 100% cotton canvas …Read More

10 Mens Costume Ideas

Above all else, this goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyways. Before planning your outfits remember the essentials: sunblock, goggles, a face mask for dustier days, a tasteful umbrella, and shoes that will protect your feet from getting dried out by the desert. 1) A huge trend at Burning Man is fur. It …Read More

Top Costumes for Women for BurningMan

You’re going to Burning Man and now the next thing to think about is what are you gonna wear? As you find the perfect costumes, be conscientious of some of the principles the event is based on. Radical Inclusion: Everyone should feel included and respected as part of the group regardless of any label society …Read More

The Top Bike Accessories for Burning Man

Burning Man is inspiring, exciting, and innovative, featuring new wonders every year and a wealth of constantly expanding knowledge. But Burning Man is also big. Very big. It occupies 4,400 acres of the Black Rock Desert Playa, and the main area is seven square miles. The sprawling camps and installations are connected by 60 miles …Read More

Top 10 Goggles For Burning Man

Dust is an ever-present factor at Burning Man, and everyone tries to cope. Facemasks and goggles are standard, and people who breathe in too much of the fine alkali dust can suffer temporary respiratory problems. The dust coats people and cars equally, and RV owners try to seal their windows shut against the president wind …Read More