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BurningMan 2022 Ticket Information

BurningMan 2022 Ticket Information

Burning Man 2022 Ticket Info

Everyone wants to go to Burning Man but not everyone can go. Tickets are limited and they run on a strict timetable. Get acquainted with the ticket system and make yourself a plan on how to get to Burning Man. There are 5 distinct ticket sales for Burning Man. There’s Pre-Sale/Fo’Mo , Directed Group Sale, Main Sale, the OMG Sale, 4,500 Low income tickets. Each has different requirements and pricings. Before any of that though, you MUST sign up for a Burner Profile here or update your existing profile. You can only participate in these sales if you have a Burner Profile. Tickets range in price from $210 to $1400 each. The difference in price does not reflect a difference in experience or added benefits. The difference in price is a result of Burning Mans desire to create a diverse group of participants from varying socio-economic circumstances.

General Info

All sales require a Burner Profile. Sign up or log in here to update it. Registering for sales gives you the opportunity to purchases tickets and vehicle passes but it does not mean you will be able to. Once s $425 ticket is purchased during a sale, it rules you out from purchasing more $425 tickets in later sales. One order per person per credit card, therefore you cannot use the same credit card for multiple orders. The name on the credit card used to buy the tickets will be the name on the ticket order. Only MasterCard and Visa are accepted. All sales are final, absolutely no refunds. All tickets purchased are transferrable and qualify for the name to be changed. Tickets and vehicle passes will be canceled if resold above face value.

Vehicle Passes

If you will be driving into Black Rock City you will need a vehicle pass and it must be displayed on your windshield. The only exemptions are motorcycles and towed vehicles. Vehicles will not be allowed in Black Rock City, you will have to park at your camp. Vehicle passes are available for purchase during ticket sales. Pre-Sale is the only sale where you can purchase a maximum of 4 vehicle passes per order, in the rest of the sale the maximum is 1 per order. In total, 26,500 vehicle passes will be available for purchase for $80-$100 each plus fees and taxes. There are alternatives to driving to Black Rock City and is highly encouraged. For more information on alternatives and traffic issues facing the event read this article.

Pre-Sale Registration Opens

*All Dates Are Tentative They Haven’t Been Released Yet*

Once you’ve gotten your Burner Profile set up you can register for any of the sales but you must register between March 11, 2022 – March 18, 2022.

Directed Group Sale

A Burner Profile is required, sign up or log in here to update it. The Directed Group Sale is targeted at those who will provide infrastructure to the event and therefore does not have an application process. Forms open at 12 pm noon PST we are just waiting on official date announcements. The Directed Group Sale is February 12, 2022 – February 22, 2022. There are 32,000 tickets available for $425 each plus fees and taxes and 15,000 vehicle passes are available for $80-$100 each plus fees and taxes. The maximum number of tickets an individual can purchase is two tickets and one vehicle pass. The second round of 3000 tickets at $500 will occur near the end of summer in the OMG sale.

Sale Phase Time Date
Directed Group Sale Form Opens 12 pm noon PST February 12, 2022
Directed Group Sale Form Closes 12 pm noon PST February 22, 2022
Directed Group Sale Begins 12 pm noon PST February 27, 2022

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